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View on a laptop or desktop only. Our webcasts and webinars are live streaming events. Viewing live streaming over the internet is different than downloading videos from the internet to watch on your computer, and different than watching prerecorded videos on YouTube or Vimeo. The quality of the webcast/webinar may vary widely depending on how your ISP (internet service provider) streams our live program to your computer from their servers.

In order to maximize your viewing experience, you should check with your ISP to understand what kind of bandwidth they provide with your internet service package. Although not impossible, viewing a live webcast is difficult if you are using dialup internet service. We strongly recommend that you get a cable, DSL or satellite package, as the bandwidth provided with these service packages is a lot greater and more suitable to live streaming.

To maximize your viewing experience for live webcasts and webinars, your connection download speed from the internet should be around 8 Mbps or more. You can get away with less but the quality of the video and audio may be reduced. The ping on your connection should be a B or A grade, if possible (otherwise video/audio quality may be affected). You can test these yourself for free by going to;

Technical Requirements for Mac or PC

1. You will need a minimum of 4GB of RAM (computer memory) on your computer. You can get away with less, but the quality of video and audio may be reduced. In the upper left-hand corner of most computer screens, there ia usually an icon or a menu choice that says 'about this computer.' This is where you will find the info on how much memory your computer has. Your laptop or desktop should also have 3Ghz of processing power. Again, you may be able to view using less but video/audio may be impaired.

For Webcasts Only (not webinars)

2. If you are using the latest version of your web browser, you likely have a viewer/video player built into your browser. If you are using an older/outdated version of your browser, you may be prompted to download and install a player into your browser. The player to use is Flashplayer.

You may already have flash player loaded into your browser. Most computers do. If you don't, you can download the latest versions of Flashplayer to your computer for Free by using the following links.

Flashplayer for Mac:

Flashplayer for PC:

Other Technical Requirements

It is best to view/listen to webcasts with earbuds or a headset. You can also use external speakers or the built-in speakers on your computer or laptop.

We have found that certain web browsers perform better than others with respect to viewing and hearing live webcasts.

You may want to try downloading the following browsers for free to your computer, if you don't already have them. We suggest you try using these browsers to compare and see if it represents any improvement in your viewing the webcasts.

Google Chrome for Mac & Intel

Google Chrome for Windows PC or Linux

Firefox for Mac and Windows PC

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