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Offering. The Spiritual Practice of Tithing.

The spiritual practice of Tithing is a well-established practice in most spiritual and religious paths. Many of the ancestors of every society were in the habit of contributing a percentage of their earnings each month to the organization or group that provided them with their spiritual uplift and transformation. The experience is that of attracting abundance to one's life through giving. Over many centuries, this practice has come to be known as tithing. In the Supreme Meditation path, it is also known as Dakshina.

The practice of making a monetary offering is a way that our students acknowledge the transforming power of the Acharya's grace and the Supreme Meditation teachings in their lives. These contributions are also the way our students express their desire to see humanity transformed through spiritual practice. This helps us to spread the teachings and practices that immerse seekers in God's Love.

As with all spiritual practices, the giving of Dakshina attracts the Grace of God into our lives as we practice it. This is the way in which we attract blessings to ourselves by supporting the work that allows many more people to experience God. People often share that this practice of tithing opens their hearts, nurturing their ability to give selflessly in every area of their lives. Giving has the effect of increasing our gratitude and reverence for God.

Making an offering of Dakshina is the act of Love expressing Love to support Love. This practice strengthens our commitment to spreading the teachings and practices of our path.

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